Sowa is a town which lies in the Central District of Botswana, but constitutes a separate administrative district. The Sowa Township was established in 1991 by an act of Parliament, Statutory Instrument No.26 of 1991 and governed by Sowa Township Regulations, 1991 under the Township Act (Cap 40:02). The population was of 2,879 inhabitants, according to 2001 Census, and had grown to 3,598 according to the 2011 census

Sowa Town Council is this year turning 25 years since its existence. Sowa town council was established in November 1990 as Sowa Township Authority. The Authority’s establishment was justified by the commencement of Botswana Ash Mining Industry which by was then called Soda Ash Botswana and the mine produces soda ash. Sowa Township authority was officially opened by the former vice President of Botswana Peter Simako Mmusi. After its establishment the first person to be appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the authority was Mrs. Gladys Kokorwe in 1991.

In the past Sowa Town Council was distinguished from other Councils because its establishment order did not have the provision for positions of Mayor and deputy Mayor – instead it provided that the CEO of the Authority be the chairperson. In the year 2009 during a full council meeting held on the 15 September 2009, former Assistant Minister of Local Government Honorable O.S Molebatsi announced the upgrading of Sowa Township Authority status to Sowa Town Council in accordance with the provision of town Council Regulations (Statutory Instrument no.92. 0f 2009). The order establishing Sowa Township as a town Council led to the appointment of the Mayor His worship Moagisi A. Lekwapa and the deputy Mayor His Worship Baemedi Medupi. Currently the town is under the authority of the Town Clerk Mrs. O. Molelo, His worship the Mayor G. Maphane and His worship The Deputy Mayor O. Machona.

We Sowa Town council exist to provide and maintain quality social services ,infrastructure and economic development in order to improve the quality of life of the Sowa community.

To accomplish the above statement the internal audit unit does the following:

  • The accomplishment of goals is monitored
  • Accountability is ensured
  • Values are preserved