The department is mandated to provide and maintain council infrastructure. it is also responsible for providing and maintaining council fleet.

The department is comprised of 4 divisions and a section of the Departmental head.

Roads Construction & infrastructure

Electrical Engineering

Fleet Management

Fleet Maintenance



The Division deals with;

  • Service and maintenance of Council
  • Carrying out repairs to vehicles and plant
  • Preparing effective ways of monitoring maintenance of fleet
  • Providing tools and equipments for repair and maintenance of council fleet and take appropriate action.
  • Monitors utilization of vehicles to determine effective utilization and curb misuse.
  • Administers the allocation of pool vehicles and deployment of pool drivers to ensure smooth running of the pool.
  • Investigates accidents involving Council vehicles and obtain all the necessary documentation for assessment
  • Screens and tests newly recruited drivers before Council licenses are issued
  • Carries out studies on the utilization of vehicles and plant to determine the economic value and use of the vehicle and recommends appropriate action.
  • Develops a maintenance plan as per the Service Manual and ensures that the vehicle is sent for service
  • Allocates vehicles to the various departments guided by the development objectives and relates them to the total transport requirements of the Department as a whole.
  • Analyses vehicle operational costs and advises on the efficient utilization.




  • Analyses fuel consumption of all Council vehicle to detect any abnormalities in the pattern of fuel consumption of different types of vehicles and initiate the necessary investigation as required.
  • Educates transport users on the proper use and management of transport to ensure effective use of transport and Drivers.
  • Provides advice to Drivers on driving habits, explains regulations, vehicle care and maintenance etc. to ensure effective utilization of vehicles.
  • Coordinates and manages the various activities of transport planning and management
  • Provides professional advice to user Departments on appropriate measures pertaining to transport utilization and maintenance.
  • Analyses and quantities transport requirements for the various Departments, facilitates purchase of the fleet and apportions these as per the requests.
  • Ensures systematic replacement, utilization, operation and disposal of boarded vehicles.
  • Communicates with manufactures and the various suppliers of vehicles to get the technical advice on the various makes and models of fleet.
  • Provides professional advice to user Departments on appropriate measures pertaining to transport utilization and maintenance.