This department is responsible for planning ,managing ,and coordinating procurement functions final management ,Economic Planning through the following divisions Economic Planning ,Commercial Affairs, Procurement and Matimela.




During this financial year 2017/2018 Sowa Town council is operating a budget of P40.001.060.00 . We received P37,053,260 From the Ministry as Revenue Support Grant and P2.947.800 is coming from our own sources,which contributes 5% of our recurrent budget. This clearly is an indication that we depend entirely on the ministry in terms of finance to run the affairs of the council.Our main sources of revenue are interests on deposit ,House rental,and rates.Other Sources are clinic fees,advertising signs ,dog icenses ,bye law fines ,stadium fees.tradelicences,sanitationfees,seweragefees,etc.


  • Providing financial advice to council ,its committees and management
  • Maintain books of accounts and perform expenditure Accounting Functions .
  • Collection of all Revenue which is due to council and account for the as well ensures safe custody thereof
  • Coordinate and advice on the preparation of council recurrent budget
  • Produce final accounts for the council including balance sheet .

Commercial affairs
division operates through twocommitteesnamelyn:Trade Licensing Committee and liquor Control Authoriity .Membership of these includes honorable councilors non governmentalorganisations as chairpersons and council department namely environmental Health,Bye law Enforcement,Physical Planning and Botswana Police Service.

  • The division gives a wide range of services in relation to business related issues as follows:
  • Advising the customer on the basic requirements on how to acquire a trading ,Liquor and industrial licenses with reference to the Acts and Regulations governing trade.
  • Presentation of applications to the board committees with for approval and issuing of Licenses thereafter within the set of service standards.
  • Issuing of vendors and hawkers certificates within a day upon producing certified copy omang two passport photos and a letter requesting that certificate.
  • Monitoring compliance of trade,liquor and Industrial Acts through business inspections and giving advices where necessary.
  • Monitoring of council market stalls and allocations.
  • Objectives
  • Prepares council’s annual development Planning
  • Prepares project memoranda seeking funding for planned projects. Develop quarterly financial and physical progress reports on development projects
  • To monitor the projects implementation process on daily basis through screening of payment certificates
  • Undertake occasional site visits for purposes of monitoring the implementation development projects.
  • Prepare briefing notes for visiting ministers and members of parliament.


Pound division is a sub section under treasury department ,it was established under the pounds Act which commenced on the 17th April 1925.the aforesaid division is mandated to collect and and dispose of stray livestock and other domestic animals as well as establish ,maintain and operate pounds.This Function is found in the first schedule conferred by regulation 4(6) of the townships
Act cap 40:02
In exercise of the function of the PoundDivision impounds animals found to have been trespassing upon the township and we owe a minimum duty of care of the impounded animals for the period within which they are in confinement.


It is a department under Finance and Development Planning .This department is responsible for purchasing and storing of council properties .Procurement is divided in to four sections which is purchasing ,receipts, dispatch, and stock control In procurement they are two types of items that are being procured that is inventory items and non-inventory items. The presence of procurement is to provide the right quantity of goods to the right department at the right time,give advice on procurement procedures and also provides storage facilities to safeguard against uncertainties like late deliveries and price escalations.



To ensures that supplies and stores regulation are pproperly followed by reduction in number of rejected or returned requisition for correction or ammendments.
To ensure that adequate security is made and adhered to for the protection of council property on daily basis. To carry out stock verification of all council annually.
Prepare orders for purchase and collection of council stores weekly.
Arrange suppliers’ invoices accordingly and pass them to accounts for payment on weekly basis.
Carry out inventory check for all non-perishable items in all the council facilities once a year.