Pound Division is a sub section under Finance and Development Planning Department; it was established under the Pound Act which commenced on the 17th April 1925. The aforesaid section is mandated to collect and dispose of stray animals as well as establish, maintain and operate pounds. The function is found in the first schedule conferred by regulation 4(6) of the Town Councils Act cap 40:02
In exercise of the function the pound Division impounds animals found to have been trespassing upon the Town and we owe a minimum duty of care of the impounded animals for the period within which they are in confinement.


Impounding Procedure:

The Pounds Officer prepares a schedule of operation for the Herd men who ride on council Horses to impound roaming animals within the jurisdiction of the town to the council kraal. After impounding all animals are registered in the pound register showing the date of impounded, the brand, earmarks or earteck.
Releasing Procedure:
Any person claiming impounded animals shall be liable to produce the following.
· Brand certificate
· Valid Identity Card (Omang)
· Affidavit signed by the Police for any animals without brand nor earmark or earteck

Custody of Impounded Animals:
The Council is duty bound to take proper care of any impounded animals and shall be responsible to the owner for any damage or injury sustained by reason of any neglect.
Charges Attracted by impounded animals are as follows:
· Trespass fees per head @ 60 thebe
· Sustenance fees per head@ 25 thebe
· Mileage charges per head @ P2.00
· Pound fees per head @ 50 thebe per day

Detention of Animals Impounded:
Impounded animals are detained for o duration of twenty one day effecting from the date of impounded if not realest after twenty one days is subject to auction sale. Under no circumstance shall impounded animals be released without payment.
Sale of Impounded Animals:
Whenever an impounded animal have to be auctioned after the stipulated period the Pound Officer shall forward an advertisement to the Town Clerk setting marks and distinguishing perculiaries of such animals , the venue, and the date of the auction.