Namibian town visited Sowa Town

Delegates from Namibian town visited Sowa Town on a fact finding mission on the proposed partnership between the two towns. The delegates from the mining town of Karibib spent three days in the salt town of Sowa as the two towns move closer to a partnership agreement which will see both towns learning from each other. At the end of their visit, Sowa Town Mayor, George Maphane has showered accolades on the twinning expedition between Sowa Town
and Karibib Town Council in Namibia saying that the initiative is promising tremendous success for both cities.
Sowa Town Council and the Karibib Town Council are in the process of twinning expedition in order to share ideas and help each other in terms of developments.
The twinning arrangement was proposed by the Karibib Town Council late last year after the officials from that town, learnt about Sowa Town through Botswana Embassy in Namibia.
Karibib Town Council has been searching for a town which has its similarities. It then identified Sowa Town as its twinning partner mainly because both cities are mining towns.
Speaking during a farewell dinner for the Karibib Town Council delegates who were in Sowa Town, Maphane said partnership between the two town councils is for the benefit of their respective communities.
The mayor said that both cities have achieved a lot as they have managed to transform their communities in coming up with sustainable projects. The mayor also added that the twinning agreement between the two cities presents an opportunity for both cities to harness their bilateral agreement that exists between Botswana and Namibia ultimately increasing friendship between the two countries. For his part, the mayor of Karibib Town Council Petrus Nabot, who was heading the visiting delegation also lauded the twinning agreement for both cities adding that it will benefit both towns should they decide to enter in to such agreement.
“This twinning proposal is indeed a cornerstone for success as both cities will continue learning and supporting each other on terms of development,” he said.
In conclusion, he said that Sowa Town has a potential to lure in investors as it has good infrastructure. Mr Nabot was accompaigned by Chief Executive Officer for Karibib Town Council, Local Economic Development manager and Chairperson on Management Committee during
their 3 day visit to Sowa Town